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Get Cash Fast Business Needs

Wide Lending Group will help you get cash fast for your business needs

Wide Lending Group helps small to medium-sized businesses meet their working capital needs by utilizing a unique asset for providing this working capital - future credit card sales - Wide Lending is able to advance your business the cash it needs today through its merchant cash advance programs.

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Why Choose
Wide Lending Group

  • You are dealing with THE FUNDING SOURCE
  • Industry leading CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • Alternative collection methods available
  • You can choose from several FLEXIBLE PROGRAMS

How to
Get Funding - Fast!

  • Fill-out the online application or call
  • Wait for our consultants to call you back within 24-hours
  • Meet with a consultant with the necessary documents
  • Get approved and start receiving automatic deposit into your business bank account

Programs Advantage

  • No fixed payment amount
  • No fixed payment date
  • We only get paid when you get paid
  • Program is fully automated